fox32-based project
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fox32 logo
(logo by ZenithNeko)

fox32 (stylized in all lowercase) is a 32 bit fantasy computer architecture, with a custom operating system and user interface inspired by various classic computers.

Screenshot of fox32os

Getting Started

Note: This software is still very much in an early stage, and is currently more focused towards developers rather than end-users.

Stable releases are available on the Releases page.

Prebuilt Linux binaries of the latest commit are also available on the GitHub Actions page.


Download the latest release or commit of fox32rom, and place the downloaded fox32.rom file into the root directory of this repo. Then simply run make. The resulting binary will be saved as fox32.


The following arguments are valid:

  • --disk <file>: mount the specified file as a disk
  • --rom <file>: use the specified file as the boot ROM. if this argument is not specified then the embedded copy of fox32rom is used
  • --debug: print a disassembly of each instruction as it runs

The most common use case is passing the fox32os disk image as the first disk: ./fox32 --disk fox32os.img

See for information about the instruction set.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.